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Does every black hole harbour another universe?

milky way black hole

What if at the centre of every black hole exists another universe?

Could the event horizon of a black hole be the bridge to another universe?

What about the singularity that’s supposed to exist inside each black hole?

In this New Scientist story, I write about a controversial idea — based on a modification to Einstein’s equations of general relativity that use an extra geometric property of spacetime called torsion — that matter doesn’t get crushed to infinite density inside a black hole. Instead, torsion becomes a dominant property at extremely high densities and serves to repulse gravity, causing matter and spacetime to rebound. The researcher suggests that this could lead to an expanding universe inside a black hole.

What is intriguing is that this rebounding spacetime inside a black hole could create conditions that solve the horizon and flatness problems of the big bang theory. Take the flatness problem. The universe today is flat, but in order for it to be so, the curvature of spacetime would have had to be fine-tuned to ridiculous precision at the big bang, otherwise spacetime would not be flat today. Inflationary theory — the idea that our universe underwent an episode of exponential expansion just after the big bang — was devised to take care of the flatness problem.

The universe-inside-a-black-hole idea does away with the need for inflation.

What does this mean? Is there an infinite recursion of  black holes inside universes inside black holes inside universes …


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